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Upon its launch in 2012, Clash Of Clans very quickly took the App Store community by surprise. The game amassed a huge community of online gaming fanatics in a very short period of time. In fact, the game hit the Number One spot almost immediately, and then proceeded to hold on to it for many months past its initial release.

A year later, in the summer of 2013, Clash Of Clans was released to Android devices. Of course, by the time the new Android version was made available, the inevitable "copycatting" syndrome had taken effect. In a very short period of time, the international gaming community was beguiled by a massive onslaught of games whose similarity to Clash Of Clans was far more than merely coincidental.

Whether your preference is to play games on iOS, Android, or on your computer browser, you now have a huge variety of games fashioned in the Clash Of Clans mold to choose from. Games such as Friendly Fire, Enemy Lines, War Of Mercenaries, Jungle Heat, Dark District, and many more have mushroomed on to the international market place.

The question that now confronts the naturally choosy and selective gaming enthusiast is one of quality rather than quantity. We all know that there are a thousand and one games in the Clash Of Clans mold to choose from. So, the natural follow up question is, "Which games are the best ones?"

Some more questions are: "Which games should I spend the time and energy to download?" "Which games have the most replay value?" "Which ones have the most original and exciting take on the classic Clash Of Clans premise?" These are the questions which this website will answer. If you love Clash Of Clans and want to explore similar games, this is the website you need to bookmark. Welcome aboard!