Backyard Monsters
  • Creative character designs
  • Excellent sense of humor
  • Plenty of strategic depth without overwhelming players
  • Social features are minimal at best
  • Timers on some events seem unfairly inflated.
7.3Overall Score
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Created exclusively by KIXEYE, Backyard monsters is one of the hottest mobile games around in the present times. The game basically used to be a Facebook game but after it received an overwhelmingly positive response, the creator decided to make the strategy game available for both iOS and Android users in different parts of the world. What makes the game so different from the other ones is the fact that it is action and strategy based and a lot of fun to play at all times. Through playing the game, users can take the mobile game playing experience to a whole new level in the long run.



The game basically is a combat one, which involves a lot of strategy too in order to fight properly for the purpose of raising extra points. It allows the running of villages by upgrading the buildings which are present there. Moreover, game players can also construct buildings of their in a short period of time without having to struggle too much. The game is all about moving ahead and conquering, which is exactly why it is a combat game as game players have to raise an army as they move through village by village. In backyard monsters, individuals must thoroughly be aware of the attacks made by the neighboring backyards as they can prove to be lethal.

The game is not only addictive but it is also entirely satisfying, which is exactly what most game players are looking for these days. The monsters in the game are to be used in order to protect backyards and to attack the backyards of other users in order to gain points. The best part is the fact that all of the monsters are different from each other. Therefore, game players can choose any monster of their liking as all of them have various specialties that can take a user quite far in the game. These specialties usually include high end damage, kamikaze and the ability of being very swift. The monsters category can be checked in order to select any monster before finally beginning with the game.


Backyard monsters also allow game players to level the monsters without having to struggle too much. This means that the monsters can easily acquire various levels of strength upon following the instructions of the game. Moreover, the ‘hatchery’ is also present for the convenience of all those game players who wish to create an army of new monsters. The more, the merrier; therefore, the ‘hatchery control center’ is one of the best features of the game. ‘Bases’ are present in the game and in order to attack other players and their backyards, it is important for game players to attack the bases of other players adequately in order to make an attack on neighboring backyards. The quirky game provides endless hours of enjoyment and is the best way to spend spare time. ‘Backyard monsters’ is the best game for individuals who enjoy high end character designs, good sense of humor, strategies and high end players.

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