Battle Beach
  • Includes single player
  • ranking sytem
  • modern setting
  • slow paced
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Battle beach stands undisputed as one of the most popular games in the present times due to the fact that it has a lot to offer to the gaming community worldwide. The game focuses of the event which has taken place and left the earth and humanity in ruins and hence, little can be done in order to restore the order once again. What really is required in the game is to use clever strategies in order to raise a huge army for the purpose of defending and conquering various cities as they come. The civilization which is shown in the game is being haunted by the lawless marauders, which must be destroyed in order to restore civilization in the cities of the world. Tropical islands, however, are the only places where civilization does still exist in some numbers.

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Those who love combat games with a lot of tactics involved are surely going to become fond of battle beach in a short period of time. The game basically focuses on fighting for the world and keeping it safe from evil forces once again. The many exclusive features of the game make it the best and different from all the other combat games out there these days. The game mainly involves army raising, city defense, tower defense, city building and combat. The best part is the fact that game players tend to indulge in one-on-one combat with real-life rivals from all across the globe. The weapons of destructions and defense in the game involve tanks, snipers and much more, which makes the game all the more interesting for people.

What’s more is that in battle beach, game players can also forge various kinds of alliances with other armies if they want or prefer. Not only does that allow an already existing army to become exceptionally strong but it also makes survival much easier in the long run. The top features of the game include the upgradation of bases within a short period of time. This helps create an unbreakable beacon of hope, which is rather impressive. Alliances can be made for the purpose of increasing global ranks without having to struggle too much in the matter. Moreover, ten unique units with a wide range of upgrade levels are also available.



Defending the bases is one of the most important factors which need to be given thorough attention by the game players. There are various kinds of weapons which are available in battle beach in order to defend bases at all times. These exclusive weapons include mine fields, sniper towers, walls and machine gun nests for the utmost convenience of all game players of the game. One of the most prominent features of the game is that now game players can easily wage a single player war against the evil marauder leader. The fact that the game allows users to indulge in combat with countless game players from different parts of the world online tends to give all the more reason to people for trying out the exclusive game which is now available on iOS as well as android.

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