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It’s truly astounding how popular mobile strategy games have become in the past year. It seems you can’t go five seconds without finding yet another strategy title in the major mobile app and gaming stores.

Unfortunately, most of these games are nothing more than transparent cash grabs, and a rather distressing percentage of these titles are just Clash of Clans with a slightly duller coat of paint.

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At first glance, Battle Command! (is the exclamation mark truly necessary?) seems to be yet another shameless knock-off, this time with a slightly more modern aesthetic featuring items such as oil drills and turret guns. However, more social-oriented players may find a couple pleasant surprises hidden somewhere in the dredges of this otherwise painfully generic clone.

All the basic strategy tropes are here. Players start with a very plain base and gradually improve it with constant combat, often calling up friends for assistance. None of it is done particularly poorly, though nothing about it stands out, either.

Battle Command!’s bid for originality comes in the form of its social gaming system. Unlike in most other titles in the genre, players can provide each other with temporary speed boosts to their resource gathering, allowing for a deeper level of strategy among friends. Unfortunately, the increased amount of focus placed on the multiplayer system leaves the single-player system feeling rather short and underdeveloped.

If you want a more modern setting in your strategy games and enjoy multiplayer, you will probably enjoy Battle Command! However, those who prefer single-player gameplay or are just looking for a little originality in this woefully oversaturated genre will find themselves out of luck.

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