Castle Clash
  • Unique Arena system
  • Large number of Heroes to choose from
  • Appealing graphics
  • Harsh difficulty spike
  • Looping soundtrack
  • Lifeless combat
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In a world full to bursting with freemium mobile strategy games, titles such as Clash of Clans and Jungle Heat have managed to somehow stand out in this severely oversaturated market. Clash of Clans, in particular, has gone on to make millions little more than a year after its release. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that an avalanche of similar titles have been released in its wake. Castle Clash is among the latest of these clones to hit the mobile market.


Admittedly, Castle Clash does have a few tricks up its sleeve to help differentiate it from its far more successful predecessor, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite enough to pull it up from the dregs of mediocrity.

If you’ve played a mobile strategy game released in the past year or so, you will probably have an idea of what to expect from Castle Clash. After a brief tutorial, you will be dropped into a barebones base, tasked with the quest to defend it by all means necessary. You defeat enemies, gather resources, and use those resources to acquire better items and add to your base.

What sets Castle Clash apart from other games in the genre is its Hero and Arena systems. Once you bring your town hall to level 5, you will have the option of entering your units, or Heroes, into battle with other players at the Arena. Here, they can earn rare items to help you gain stronger units and more powerful structures.


The Arena does a fair job of breaking up the repetition of normal gameplay and helping the game stand out, but Castle Clash is ultimately bogged down by its very simplistic, and rather boring, combat. Battle is as simple as tapping the area you want your units to attack and sitting back to watch the carnage.

Combine this with the game’s rather unforgiving difficulty spike and repetitious music, and Castle Clash ultimately becomes an adequate time-waster for those sitting out a long bus ride or waiting for an appointment.

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