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Castle Story by developer Team Lava is another one of those RTS apps for smart-phones. You’re given your own castle at the start and your purpose in the app is to turn your castle and that area in to a beautiful and flourishing kingdom. The app starts out quite nicely, you’re given your own castle, a whole bunch of land and you’re guided on what you’re supposed to do to turn it into a kingdom. You have a huge array of things that you can use to turn your castle into something magnificent such as walls, gates, towers, topiaries etc.


You can grow crops to manage the food supply and the app is constantly provided updates so it remains fresh for people. While the app is mostly free, there are certain times where you just have to end up using the in-app purchase method to buy some gems since you don’t have many resources left at your disposal. Another gripe I have with the app is that you have to be online whenever you want to play it which can be quite a hassle at times. Other than all this you can invite your buddies to play with you and they can also help you build and progress your kingdom further which is a nice addition to the overall gameplay and.


Good for: All Ages

Good with: iOS 5.0 and up

Genre: Real time strategy

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