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With a name like Clash of Lords 2, you know exactly what to expect: yet another clone of the smash hit mobile RTS, Clash of Clans. While imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, Clash of Lords 2 brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Although it is noticeably more polished than its predecessor, Clash of Lords, and is a perfectly adequate game in its own right, its lackluster gameplay and rather suspicious rock-paper-scissors-style rewards system drags it down.

clash of lords 2

If you’ve played a free-to-play mobile RTS released in the last couple of years, you’ve played Clash of Lords 2. Start with a modest base, grind for some supplies, build up your base, pay to actually play the game properly – we’ve all seen it before. The only unique feature in Clash of Lords 2 also happens to be its greatest downfall: its multiple currencies and subsequent rewards system.

In addition to the typical gold and gems, players can also collect “souls” and “rings” as a form of currency. While players do have the option to earn more souls and rings with a rewards system reminiscent of rock-paper-scissors, this sort of system is very easy to rig, and can drag the player back into the usual buy-to-play-the-game freemium trap.

While otherwise an adequate, if unoriginal, “Clash of…” cash-in, Clash of Lords 2 sketchy soul / ring system taints it. It works just fine as an RTS, but nothing really helps it stand out when there are so many other games out there in the sea of mobile strategies.


  • Some customization options
  • Noticeable improvement over predecessor


  • Generic gameplay that fails to stand out
  • Sketchy items reward system is based entirely on luck

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