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Enemy Lines like the famous ‘Clash of Clans’ game, is a game in which the game play involves building your own military base and forces to fight with enemies. This game is developed by Kiwi, the creators of the 5-star games like ‘Shipwrecked and ‘Monsterama’. But ‘Enemy lines’ follows the line of base management class of games.

In this game you are thrown in to a battlefield to try and triumph over the enemies with the help of your own war strategies. You can create your base and manage it, so that you can effectively plan against your enemies. You are to develop an army, train them, and form effective strategies and units. Your victory is in your ability to train your soldiers with unique combating skills and trainings.

You can form your own friendly groups or alliances to fight against a common enemy. You need to fight for survival as well as to attack others to destroy their controlling establishments and loot their resources.


You will get a lot of materials to build whatever you need for the combat.  Resource generating structures are also available. You can have army barracks and other defensive equipments and structures so that you can put up an effective battle against your enemies.

The game play is mostly warfare. Making war strategies, developing the necessary forces and equipments call for a high level of creativity and intelligent playing. This poses a challenge to the player, which is the very attraction of this game. This is an immersive game which can engage your interest and attention for very long periods of time.

This game can be downloaded from the Google play store for free. But you have to do in-app purchases if you want to have special items. The main story line is always warfare based. You have multiple gangs of enemies to fight with and win.

The game comes in two modes. In the single player mode you fight for medals and laurels. In the multiplayer mode you can test your expertise with the other players all over the world and try to reach top scores.

During the game play you can gather allies and fight groups of enemies. You will be rewarded with bonus resources which you can use to upgrade your armies and military base. There are weekly tournaments in which you are allowed to take part by joining alliance groups.

The game play is simple and easy to understand. You can play this game without attending much of the tutorials provided. The graphics of the game is excellent. The special effects of the warfare dynamics are very effective. The soldiers and vehicles possess a life-like quality.

But coming to the sound track the quality is slightly wanting. Apart from the back ground war sounds the other sounds are not very effective. The need to purchase special items is another minor draw back.

But on the whole Enemy Lines is a very interesting base management game where you need to build your base skillfully and train your forces effectively in order to win the myriads of fights in the game play.

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