Friendly Fire is the game that allows you to triumph over the world step-by-step. First you triumph over your town, then your country and then the world. In this game, like every other base management game, you build your head quarters and build an army gradually over a period of time and then attack enemy head quarters to confiscate their resources.

The Friendly Fire is a truly global game. Unlike the other games of this genre, this game deals with real-life towns. It enables you to build your head quarters in your own home town using the GPS technology. You can use the real map of your town and convert it into the game environment.

The game play as usual involves gathering resources and its management on one side and attacking enemy groups on the other side. You are given all the facilities to build your base and weapons and other defense arrangements like turrets barracks etc.

You can upgrade your headquarters and forces for battling the foes effectively. But this can be done only when you have enough oil and metals. For this you have to build mines and mine out a large quantity of oil and metals. You can use the gems also to upgrade your establishments.

Game Play


The real charm of this game lies in the fact that you can create your base in your own home town in a suitable place from where you can manage your forces effectively. For this you can take the help of the GPS technology to convert the real map into the game field.

Once you have established the base, the next step is to construct various other structures like factories to produce weapons and vehicles, research laboratories and the like. The most important constructions are the mines, since the up-gradation of your stature depends on the mined oil and metals. You also need to build adequate structures to store your produces and mined oil and metals.

In the beginning of the game you will be provided with just adequate quantities of resources to build your base. Thereafter, you need to upgrade your facilities using oil and metals mined from your own mines and by looting the enemy establishments.

When your resources are adequate enough for you to venture into warfare, you can start attacking your enemies. For that you can travel to any part of the world. Reaching your chosen destination you will be given a very short time to size up the situation before commencing the attack. The attack points will be marked in blue and then you can gather forces and use suitable strategies to win over the enemy and loot their resources.

Another challenging part of the game is that there is a possibility of enemy gangs attacking your own base while you are away. This means that you have to plan ample strategies to defend your headquarters before you set out to attack others.

When you win over your enemies you will get medals together with their resources. In case you lose you will lose your medals. But when you take revenge on your enemies you will gain bonuses which will help you in your growth. Avenging your enemies is an integral part of Friendly Fire.

In short, this game gives you a chance to carry on the game indefinitely. After establishing a base you need to tend to it continually and this provides you with an opportunity to play for hours.

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