Jungle Heat
  • A solid strategy game
  • Tracking progress is easy with level based single player mode
  • Perfect strategy-on-go game
  • Requires constant internet connection – a real bummer for players with unstable internet connection
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Let’s face it – avid players are always on the lookout for games that will challenge their mental prowess and not just their ability to take aim and fire! Jungle Heat is not just a game; it is almost like an experience, because players are expected to learn (a lot) as they go. The gameplay effectively combines strategy with city construction and typically presents the best of the two worlds.

The Gameplay

One of the main goals in the game of Jungle Heat is to construct/build a base that can easily mine a large quantity of resources such as oil and gold, and also successfully protect the command center from attacks perpetrated by the enemy. When players are not under a shield of protection, their base is always available for other players to go in all willy-nilly and attack. If the other players (aka enemy) succeed in attacking and destroying the command, they win – pretty simple huh?


However, suffering damaging hits from enemy attacks can be equally devastating. Like most games these days, Jungle Heat is played in real time. If a player’s structure takes 2 hours to construct or repair, he or she will have to wait for 2 hours or simply pay the premium currency – diamonds – In order to finish. It is no secret that this approach has enjoyed great financial success, but many players find it boring to play the waiting game.

When players are not strengthening their defenses, they are able to put together an army that consists of several troops among a couple of classes. Every class has its strengths and of course, weaknesses – a player needs to know their best uses in order to come out on top.

The Single Player Mode Vs the Multiplayer Mode

The single player mode of this game is known to do a superb job of helping players improve their strategy without unashamedly providing information on the ways to approach the level. Every level features a base that is a tad-bit difficult to destroy and is pretty good at annihilating one’s troops.


Most Jungle Heat players prefer the multiplayer mode – Why? Because it is a lot more fun to play with other people. When a player is ready to attack the opponent, he/she simply pays a small token of gold in order to check out the opponent’s base and then decide on what to do next.

If your mobile device of choice is Android and you want to keep yourself entertained while you are on the go, you will definitely appreciate this game.


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