Ninja Kingdom
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“Ninja Kingdom” is a fun action strategy game from Zynga, playable on and Facebook. Formerly named “Dojo Mojo”, Ninja Kingdom has over 380,000 active monthly users with the numbers rising every day. The game has a Japanese feel with ninjas, samurais and assassins at your beck and call.  Your primary goal is to build and defend your village from being attacked by the Shogun’s forces. You do this by protecting your village and princess no matter what the cost. This will require you to upgrade your castle and even more. You can also attack and pillage other player villages for loot and resources. Once you get to a certain point in the game, you will have access to special forces, such as the Stealth Ninja, a ninja class that can go undetected for a period of time. Like most other games of similar type, you do not have full control over what happens play by play. You do however have control over the actions of the “Oni”, a mighty demon that you can summon at the altar.


The overall style of the game is pretty cute as well, very colorful and defined. Ninja Kingdom is Zynga’s take on Clash on Clans, and it outdoes it on every take. The combat system is refreshing, and the game sticks to the theme very well indeed. Build up your alliance, defeat your enemies and conquer the Shogun once and for all!

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