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Ever since the release of the various zombies/vampires movies, the franchise that has these creatures as subject has grew rapidly. With movies, merchandise and zombiepocalypse theory, it started to heavily influence the gaming world as well. For android and iOS we got the Nozomi – Clash of Zombies game, which is loosely based on the game Clash of Clans. The game received good reviews so far, but was heavily criticized for the lack of innovation and new adds, compared to the more famous franchise.


The premise of the game is pretty good and creative though. A star is due to crash on our planet and the mass panic causes people from Earth to form settlements to avoid attacks from radiation-affected inhabitants, who have turned to zombies. A ship called Nozomi is the planet’s only chance of salvation and rescue and you must build it and protect it from enemies and zombies.


During the fight, you buy various accessories, buildings and storages that help your people to maintain good in the fight. You also have tools that help you improve your army and protect the settlement and the ship quicker. It is an advantage that you can prepare for every attack, as there is a timer, reminding you when the zombies will strike again. By defeating zombies, it is possible to capture them and with additional tools and training, turn them to your side. There are six type of tools that you buy for your game, which are treasures, decorations, shields, army, defense and resources. Resources are connected to defense, because you buy food and other supplies for your army.


Clash of Zombies is not just a simple player vs. player game and you can form leagues and attack other bases and players as well. During the fight, you have the option to save the battle and replay it for you, making it very modern, with social networks and other services. This is a useful option and very worked out, since in modern times, players like to brag about their scores and victories.


Although the game looks as scientific as possible, it is pretty realistic in portraying you as the humanity’s last hope of survival. Various adds are food storages and other supplies, making the whole battle very much real.


Nozomi – Clash of Zombies is very playable and exciting, because it features an on-going zombie-theme and uses tactics and strategy. It might lack innovation but our job is to enjoy and Nozomi can and offers us just that.

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