Pirates of the Everseas
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Pirates of the Everseas is a fun new strategy game created by Glu Games. The goal of the game is to build up your island. Produce all the resources you can, such as food, wood, iron & gold. There are several ways you can really make it in this game. You build ships, load the ships with equipped pirates ad add them to your floating fortress. On your island you can upgrade your building and build piers, all to prepare your battle ships. In this game your ships and pirate crew are your main weapons of choice. So build up your army and invade other islands, pillage to your hearts content. Once you have a harbor you can build even more ships. Defend your shipyard, your future depends on it! Unlike other games of this type, your ships actually accrue experience points by battling. Once the points get to a certain point you can level your ships up.


They overall style of this game is very fun and colorful. Who wouldn’t love a fun anime style pirate’s game? As with most online games now days, it is free to download and of course, to play. There are a few things you can purchase if you want a boost in the game, but it is not needed.

So expand your fleet and head to the open sea, no day is better than today to make your own claim in the wide blue yonder. Download “Pirates of the Everseas” today!

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