War of Mercenaries
  • Multicultural cast helps it stand out from other games in the genre
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Large number of playable units
  • Largely derivative
  • Overemphasizes social gameplay
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At first glance, War of Mercenaries appears to be little more than yet another Clash of Clans rip-off, redesigned to fit the growing demand for social strategy games on Facebook. All the basics of the genre are there: a base that starts off rather barren and grows with a little grinding and a lot of patience, a variety of playable units, several customization options, simplified graphics — you name it, the game has it, and you have the added bonus of pestering your Facebook friends to advance in most scenarios.

However, the potential depth of War of Mercenaries’ gameplay brought on by its sheer number of available units does compensate somewhat for its unoriginality and strict, social media-based guidelines. The variety of units available to the player is noticeably wider than it is in most of the other casual strategy games currently on the market, and the multicultural cast injects some charm into an otherwise slightly above-average title.


Unfortunately, War of Mercenaries places far too much emphasis on social gameplay, and can be rather unforgiving if your Facebook friends don’t feel like joining in. Players will be forced to invite friends in if they want to advance in most quests or obtain high level items and materials.

Regardless, players can draw a lot of enjoyment from destroying the cities of their offline friends. There’s something extremely satisfying about marching in and destroying a poorly defended base while your friend is otherwise occupied.

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If you have an active Facebook account and enjoy strategy games, you will probably enjoy War of Mercenaries. However, if you have a small friends list or your friends just aren’t interested in playing, it would be better to pass this one up for one of its many mobile rivals.

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